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Stategies to Get People with Dementia to Take a Bath

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Stategies to Get People with Dementia to Take a Bath

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Get People with Dementia to Take a Bath

5 Tips, How to get an Alzheimer's Patient to Shower

One of the earliest problems I faced with my mother, Dotty, was getting her to take a shower.

In the beginning, I would typically make a common Alzheimer's caregiver mistake - I would try to convince her to take the shower.

This usually resulted in me trying to convince her that she needed a shower, the importance of the shower for good health (hygiene), or trying to convince her she would "stink" if she didn't take a shower.

No matter what explanation or cajoling I tried it didn't work. Dotty would usually get angry, and use one of her favorite words - bulls***.

I can laugh about it now. But, I can also assure you that it didn't seem funny at the time.

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