Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What is Momentia?

What is Momentia?

What is momentia?

Momentia is a joyful proclamation. Momentia declares the new dementia story, a story not of fear, isolation, despair, futility and loss, but a story of hope, connection, growth, purpose and courage.

Momentia affirms a story told by the lips and lives of people living with dementia, a story of living fully and boldly in the moment.

Can we listen carefully to the new dementia story as told by the words and lives of people living with dementia, and begin to share it? Can we share it intentionally and exuberantly with friends, family, neighbors and co-workers as a way to overcome the fear and shame of the old dementia story?

Can we invite people living with dementia to take a leadership role in our organizations, congregations or neighborhoods, or if we live with dementia, can we offer our stories, skills and perspectives on behalf of the movement for dementia-friendly communities?

Can we write a poem, compose a song, or produce a film celebrating the strengths of people living with dementia?

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The New Dementia Story: Momentia

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