Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bing Search - emotional attachment of alzhemer patients

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emotional attachment of alzhemer patients

Regardless of circumstance, the Alzheimer's caregiver becomes attached to the person living with Alzheimer's.

The person living with Alzheimer's becomes psychologically and emotionally attached to the Alzheimer's caregiver.

This emotional attachment is a result of the day in and day out acts of caring. A bond is formed.

It really doesn't matter what your relationship was like with the Alzheimer's patient before you started caring. You are going to get glued.

Emotional super glue.

This helps explain in part why all of your emotions are heightened while caring. You begin to feel.

It's the emotional super glue that makes the difference.

This in part explains the how and the why of what your are doing as a caregiver. It also explains why others cannot understand how or why you do it.

Emotional super glue.

Alzheimer's Caregiving Like Emotional Super Glue

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