Monday, March 10, 2014

Alzheimer's - Solving Incontinence Problems

When the problem with urinary incontinence gets bad -- worse then usual -- do you immediately think you need to have the person tested for a UTI?

Alzheimer's - Solving Incontinence Problems

If a person is incontinent and they sit or lie around wet (even at night in bed) the likelihood that they could suffer from urinary tract infections goes up, way up.

E.Coli bacteria are the source of urinary tract infections. Damp underwear, or briefs, soaked with pee can be a source of E. Coli.

In the case of my mother, it became obvious to me after years of trying to solve my mother's problem with incontinence that she had a series of undiagnosed bladder infections.

I base this on a simple observation -- at times her problem was much worse than at other times. Later on, I learned that whenever the incontinence worsened she had a UTI. This was a simple case of one plus one equals two.

The following articles are suggested reading to address this problem:

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