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Yahoo Search Question - examples of the alzheimer's clock test

Drawing a clock by hand is one of several useful screening tools that can help to detect dementia, or Alzheimer's.

Yahoo Search Question - examples of the alzheimer's clock test

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The Clock Drawing Test

Have the person draw a clock by hand on a large piece of paper.

Have the person draw the face of a clock and put the numbers in the correct positions.

Then have them draw the hands to indicate 3:40 (time).

Clock Drawing Test Scoring

To score, assign the following points for each part of the drawing:
  • 1 point for a closed circle
  • 1 point for properly placed numbers
  • 1 point for including all twelve numbers
  • 1 point for properly placed hands
Alzheimer's Clock Draw Test, Detect the Signs of Alzheimer's Early


The clock-drawing test meets defined criteria for a cognitive screening instrument.

It taps into a wide range of cognitive abilities including executive functions, is quick and easy to administer and score with excellent acceptability by subjects.

Together with informant reports, the clock-drawing test is complementary to the widely used and validated Mini-Mental State Examination and should provide a significant advance in the early detection of dementia and in monitoring cognitive change.

A simple scoring system with emphasis on the qualitative aspects of clock-drawing should maximize its utility.

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