Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Alzheimer's Hamster Within YOU

One of the most difficult tasks an Alzheimer's caregiver faces is the development of a new set of communications skills. Sooner or later the caregiver needs to come to an understanding that the way they have communicated in the past, before Alzheimer's, won't work in a world filled with Alzheimer's disease.

By Bob DeMarco 
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The Alzheimer's Hamster Within YOU
Change is difficult under any circumstance. It is even harder when you need to change something that you have been doing all day long throughout your life.

Every Alzheimer's caregiver I ever met has talked about their need to vent. Venting is a good thing. You get the monkey off your back. However, at some point you need to make a decision to put that monkey in the closet and get off the hamster wheel.

If you have gone years complaining about the same behavior over and over you must ask yourself, how do I change this dynamic?

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