Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Symptoms Mild Dementia, Early Stage Alzheimer's disease

Symptoms Mild Dementia/Early Stage Alzheimer's disease
  • Diminished short-term memory
  • Misplacing belongings in odd places; losing valuable belongings, like wallet or purse
  • Difficulty finding the right word: "Tip of the tongue" syndrome
  • Person seems "not himself" and shows uncharacteristic behaviors
  • Lapses in judgment
  • Difficulty with mental arithmetic and handling money
  • Disorientation in unfamiliar places or situations
  • May become apathetic or withdrawn, avoiding social situations
  • More difficulty with routine tasks at work or at home, or may take longer to complete tasks
  • Irritation or anger in response to increasing memory lapses
Specific Examples
  • Asks the same question repeatedly within the same conversation
  • Puts car keys away in refrigerator
  • Unable to recall word for "car" and then says in frustration, "The thing you drive to work in."
  • A normally shy person becomes uncharacteristically outgoing or talkative at a family gathering
  • Agrees to buy services or products he/she doesn't need from telephone sales person
  • Finds it difficult to balance checkbook or figure out correct amount of money to pay for an item while shopping
  • Forgets to eat, skips meals, or eats the same food every meal
Source: John Hopkins, Memory, Health Alert

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