Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dementia Patients in the Emergency Room - Think UTI First

This hair raising emergency room story had a happy ending. It does not always end that way. In fact, more often than not it doesn't.

By Carole Larkin
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Carole Larkin
Carole Larkin
Yesterday in the late afternoon I received a phone call from a professional caregiver I had placed in one of my client’s houses a long time ago. I consider this lady to be one of the most extraordinary caregivers I have ever seen, anytime anywhere.

She is taking care of a client that I consider to be one of the most extraordinary clients I have ever had (and NOT in a good way).

Anyways, the caregiver called and said that the client had woken from a nap and was talking and acting different than she ever had before.

She said that the client was hallucinating and that her sentences contained words in the wrong place in the sentence and even had some non-words in the sentences. I had her put my client on the phone and I talked with my client for a few minutes. It was true.

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